When I first started with vim, I had trouble understanding how vim configuration worked and it was hard for me to use the plain vim. So I had to copy the .vimrc of a friend and as time moved, I kept adding over it to a point where my vim started slowing down. So, last week I spent some time on rewriting my .vimrc from scratch and I made another “light-weight” version of .vimrc and aliased to ‘vi’ for minor editing in my system and for using it in a colleague’s / ssh machine. I then realized that I’ve made a perfect .vimrc for a novice to build upon. Here, I present to you my sexy and slim .vimrc:

Though I’d recommend you to add a theme to this as I did in my original .vimrc, this is pretty much enough for learning and to build upon. This is simple, self-contained, has a file-explorer mapped to F2, can perform fuzzy file search using :file <pattern> in normal mode, and has a very simple autocompletion using ctrl + n in insert mode.

This is based on secondpass’s dotfiles and this talk. Hope this was helpful. So long!